Founder Stuart Gordon

Stuart founded Appointed to Lead out of his passion for providing high quality leadership development instruction to students on a larger scale. His leadership development journey began in the second grade, when he began organizing tag football games during recess. As a Caldwell Fellow at NC State University, Stuart experienced high quality leadership development programming first hand. The education and experiences the Caldwell Fellows program afforded him helped him understand the importance of practical leadership experience alongside theoretical training. As a founding member of the Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy, he was an integral part of developing and refining leadership programming for the school.


Appointed to Lead inspires individuals to believe they can lead and equips them with skills to lead effectively.


Appointed to Lead provides engaging instruction around the skills and traits that make strong leaders. We help individuals assess their current level of leadership, then equip them to become more effective leaders. We support our students as they apply those skills within their organization, community, and the world.

Leadership Beliefs

We believe that everyone has the inherent capability of becoming an effective leader. Rather than viewing leadership as a position to be obtained we view it as a set of skills to be learned. We believe that effective leaders can be cultivated, in any context, through a combination of instruction, practice, and reflection. We desire to appoint the leaders who have not yet identified themselves as such and equip them to lead effectively.